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3M™ Automotive Window Film Ceramic IR Series 


Style and Comfort with A Shade Above Films mobile tinting service!


3M advanced ceramics with nano-technology. 

With nano-technology ceramic film is so fine that it becomes invisible. As a result, you get a tough auto tint that does not corrode over time. Unlike other auto tints, the Ceramic Series will keep its color and appearance for years on end. 

Let’s talk about the benefits of the 3M Automotive Window Film Ceramic Series:

Stay Cool 

Featuring advanced ceramics, the series provides infrared rejection which keeps heat out. The ceramic series blocks up to 63% of solar energy while still retaining high visibility.

Stay Connected

The ceramic series is made with a non-metallized window film which means it won’t interfere with your mobile devices, radio reception, or GPS.

The Best UV Protection

The ceramic series blocks 99% of UV lights and provides a total SPF, Sun Protection Factor, of up to 810. 

Reduce Glare

Find it hard to see when driving sometimes? The glare in Florida can be brutal from the sun. The ceramic series reduces up to 93% of glares from the sun, allowing you to concentrate more on the road. 

Choose your level of protection

    The Ceramic Series is available in a variety of tint levels to meet your needs.
CM50 CM40 CM30

Total Solar Energy Rejected




UV Rejection




Glare Reduction




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