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3M™ Automotive Window Film Color Stable Series

3M Color Stable technology.

The 3M Color Stable Series uses a unique process that produces nano-carbon polyester. This process allows for the highest heat repellent without the heavy metal film layer, which often interferes with radio and satellite signals. The color stable film gets its name from its outstanding color stability, meaning it will never change colors.


Let’s talk about the benefits from the 3M Color Stable series:

Stay Cool 

The color stable series keeps your car cool on the inside and looking cool on the outside. This type of auto tint rejects up to 57% of total solar energy coming through your windows, which means you are being protected from the sun’s UV rays.

Increase Privacy

Keep your valuables safe with the color stable series. This particular series is available in multiple tint levels that can block up to 95% of visible light into your vehicle. 

Reduce Glare

The color stable series significantly reduces the glare from the blinding Florida sunlight, which allows you to concentrate more on your driving!

Stay Connected

The color stable series is made from a non-metallized window film which means it won’t interfere with mobile devices, radio reception, or your GPS.

Ultraviolet Protection

With the color stable series you will be blocking 99% of UV light and be provided with a total SPF, sun protection factor, of up to 1000. Keep yourself safe and your car’s interior. 


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