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Commercial Tint


An investment worth the money…

While commercial window films may not seem important it can make a huge difference in your office. 

Did you know the properly installed commercial window film blocks up to 99% of UV rays? By installing films into your building or storefront’s windows, you can protect merchandise, employees, and equipment. 

With 3M Window Films:

  • Reduce up to 78% of the sun’s heat
  • Disperse natural light evenly 
  • Block 99% of harmful UV rays

Reduce Energy Costs

Once you tint your business’s windows with a high-quality, professional-grade film, your windows will keep more cooler during the hot Jacksonville months. By reducing natural light 3M Window Films let in all the natural light you love while rejecting harmful UV rays. 


Create a More Comfortable Work Environment

Direct sunlight into your office can be distracting and cause glares on your screens or hotspots inside your store. It’s important to keep your employees, guests, and shoppers happy and comfortable.  

When you commercially tint your business you’ll eliminate a significant amount of UV rays, reduce heat, and reduce glare. Window tints do all of this while softening natural light which maintains a comfortable temperature throughout the year. 

Security Film and Increase Privacy 

Windows can be one of the most vulnerable parts of your business or building. It makes an easy target for people trying to break glass in order to gain access into the building. Increase security by installing a security window film.  

The 3M Prestige Series

At A Shade Above Films we use 3M Prestige Series on our commercial window projects. The Prestige Series is engineered perfectly to control which light waves pass through while reflecting off hundreds of other harmful UV rays. Compared to other films the Prestige Series performs at a higher performance to decrease the effects from the sun. That means greater comfort and protection. 

Make A Shade Above Films your choice today. 


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